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Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal grants you access to the underlying physical servers. Featuring no virtualization layer and a single-tenant environment, these servers can power even the most resource intensive workloads.

Every dedicated server instance includes a burstable 100GbE network connection. Bring low latency and high-speed throughput closer to your end users. ​

CPU Dual Xeon 2683 V4 32 physical | 64 Logical Cores
RAM 768 GB ECC REG Optimized for memory intensive workloads
Local Storage Enterprise SSDs 12 to 24 x 1.6TB SSDs
Network Interfaces 2 x 100 Gbps Configured in Active Backup or LACP (802.3ad)
Management iLO Private iLO network for secure OOB management
Provisioning PXE Dedicated and private PXE network
Monitoring Check MK Isolated Check MK monitoring instances available

GPU Accelerated Virtual Desktops

Our ultra low latency network, HP Enterprise servers, Nvidia Tesla GPUs converge to create the highest performance Virtual Desktop platform within Swtizerland.

We offer managed, unmanaged, and dedicated private hypervisor clusters, hosted our next generation infrastructure, to enable the future of desktop performance and remote office administration.

vCPU 4 Cores Graphic processing offloaded to GPU
RAM 16 GB Generous amounts of RAM allocated to each user
Storage 256 GB SSD Converged, highly available SSD backed storage.
GPU Tesla T4 Powerful Nvidia Tesla GPUs to support multiple monitors and high resolutions
Hypervisors Windows 2019 or VMware Multiple options are available to accommodate infrastructure preferences
Security Fortigate Firewalls AI+ Enabled firewalls protect user desktops. Custom rules available.
Network 100 Gbps Port Speed Ultra High Throughput, with Private Overlay Networks, On-premise to DC connections
SLA Options Gold, Silver and Bronze Based on your business needs we offer different SLA types..

Veeam Cloud Backups

Veeam Backup & Replication is an end to end backup and disaster recovery solution.

Our Veeam cloud storage repository is purpose designed to enable all the advanced features available in the Veeam backup suite of software.

Built with 100 Gbps native connectivity, our repository provides ultra-fast transfer and recovery throughput.

Private, high-speed, overlay networks are available to connect your on-premise infrastructure to our Swiss storage repository.

Location Switzerland Your data is protected by Swiss Privacy Laws
Capacity 60 PB One of the largest cloud storage repositories in Europe
Cost Pay as you go Storage billed in 1GB increments
Licenses Monthly Attractive bundled pricing available
Performance 100 Gbps Speed Fast transfers and restorations
Security Private Networks Secure overlay networks available to connect your on-premise locations to the cloud storage repository
Branding White Labeled Perfect for large MSPs, private branding available
SLA Options Gold, Silver and Bronze Based on your business needs we offer different SLA types..

S3 Storage

Our Cloudian based S3 Object Storage provides a high performance, secure repository, and is fully compatible with the Amazon S3 API.

Hosted in Switzerland, your data is protected by Swiss Privacy laws. Built on our 100 Gbps native infrastructure, our S3 storage delivers incredible performance.

Network Services

Our high throughput network empowers organizations to keep pace with the ever expanding IT Infrastructure requirements and the technology of tomorrow.

We've eliminated the unncessary overhead the burdens classical communication networks to reduce cost, optimize performance, and enable new digital solutions.

DC-2-DC 10 - 100+ Gbps Private IP transport over a wide area to connect your multi-location infrastructure.
IX-2-IX 10 - 100+ Gbps Private and Managed IP transport between the European Internet Exchanges.
On-Premise to DC 10 - 100 Gbps High speed network connectivity that creates a network fabric between your offices and the data center or cloud
Point to Point 10 - 100+ Gbps Low latency, high capacity network paths that improve performance and reduce costs

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